Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Post Op - Bilateral Closed Hip Reduction

 Hip Spica Cast - Post Op Closed Hip Reduction

After we pulled into our driveway at the end of a very long day yesterday, I turned around to find our patient like this. Less than 10 minutes from home, she had finally fallen asleep. Our Post Op Appt was at Seattle Children's Hospital Bellevue Clinic, scheduled for mid morning which required a 6:15 AM wakeup call for the little one. The day was so exciting that by 4pm, no nap had been had. Once a sleep fighter, always a sleep fighter and a Spica Cast does not help that. 

Post Op-Bilateral Closed Hip Reduction-Hip Dysplasia Spica Cast | The Windblown Blonde

Spica Cast CarSeat

The fancy carseat pictured is a Hippo Special Needs Car Seat, by Britax. This is a carseat designed specifically for babies/toddlers in Hip Spica Casts. Due to the way she is casted, our own carseat was not an option (Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat). The other option for transporting her would have been a special harness, however, we live 2 1/2-3 hrs from Seattle Children's Hospital and I work full-time so a harness would not be a very good option for us. Prior to the Spica Cast, Roslynn was still rear-facing. Due to the added weight of the cast and the Hippo Carseat's weight limits, she must be forward facing while she is in this carseat.

Seattle Children's-Post Op-Bilateral Closed Hip Reduction-Hip Dysplasia Spica Cast | The Windblown BlondeSeattle Children's-Post Op-Bilateral Closed Hip Reduction-Hip Dysplasia Spica Cast | The Windblown Blonde
Seattle Children's Hospital Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center - Outdoor Play Area

Post-Op Closed Hip Reduction 

The Post-Op Appointment with Dr. Dales went well. We arrived in Bellevue over 1 1/2 hours early! We allowed our selves over 3 hours to drive West over Snoqualmie Pass and allow for traffic, especially on I-405. We were so early that we tried to find diapers that would work inside her cast, as luck would have it, no stores near the clinic were open until closer to our appointment time. Since we live in a smaller, rural town, we do not have many options available for Spica Cast supplies. I purchased as much as possible ahead of time from Amazon Prime and Costco, however, the inside diaper size/style remained a mystery until once that cast was on! Instead, I passed the time by successfully changing my first Spica Cast Diaper inside a vehicle! 

Dr. Dales confirmed Roslynn will be in a Spica Cast at least 12 weeks. The first 6 weeks will be in one cast. Then we will go back over to Seattle or Bellevue for a cast change. Every time, a Spica Cast is changed, the child goes under Anesthesia and an Arthrogram will be done. An Arthrogram is where dye is injected and child is under X-Ray so the Surgeon can see exactly where to line up the Femoral Head into the Hip Socket. Therefore, a cast change is a fairly big procedure. She will spend another 6 weeks in Cast #2. The hope is that after 12 weeks in the Spica Cast, she will not require a third Cast, and can then go into a Strong Hip Brace. 

By the time we near the end of Cast #2, it will be mid-late November, which means nasty Mountain Passes, Pass closures due to snow/avalanche control, and Central WA Winter Weather setting in. We are praying that 2 Casts is all that will be necessary. This girl wants to be outside All.The.Time now and with two parents working full time, 12 weeks in a Spica Cast will be a bit taxing as is. We were granted in network benefit exceptions from our health insurance just to be treated at Seattle Children's (more to come on this topic), the second benefit exception expires the end of 2014 so all the more reason to be done with Spica Casts and Hip problems. 

Post Op-Bilateral Closed Hip Reduction-Hip Dysplasia Spica Cast | The Windblown Blonde

By the time we returned home from our Post Op appointment, it was early evening. The infamous wind was ripping at our home, the kind of wind where car doors slam into your shins, and walking up a sidewalk becomes a steep mountain climb! The perk of this wind, is the beautiful weather it brought through and a double rainbow sunset that ended the evening. 

From RSV and Pneumonia, to Bilateral Hip Dysplasia and Spica Casts, this has been quite a year for our little family. Fortunately, the Lord keeps bringing beauty into our lives. I continuously need to look up and see this beauty, take a deep breath, and allow my anxious heart to be stilled. 

Seattle Children's-Post Op-Bilateral Closed Hip Reduction-Hip Dysplasia Spica Cast | The Windblown Blonde

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Windblown Weary Working Wife and Mom

Home Cooked

Tonight I attempted to make dinner for my husband and I. At 9 pm the ever busy 18 Month old was finally in bed and dinner was burning in the cast iron. 
Housekeeping with busy infant toddler hip dysplasia

My home cooked meal of leftover hamburger bun tuna melt sandwiches, was officially burned. Life at its finest.

Working Mom Burned Dinner Again

Instead of blogging or writing, I have been putting a baby to bed too late, burning dinner, battling foreign objects in the dishwasher, and working more than ever. Life continues to keep us on our toes. We have just added a hip surgery and Spica Cast for our sweet young daughter to the mix. So it seems there is no better time than the present to recharge a different part of my mind and soul. 

Working Mama Heart

A small limitation to my love of writing has been my full-time gig in the agriculture export industry. My heart longs that one day I will spend more of my days at home. To care for my husband, daughter, and be more involved with church, community and cattle organizations. 

Washington Beef Grilling Recipes Toddler Reading

For this chapter of our lives, I am a full time work away from the home / working late at night mama. I am blessed to work with wonderful people both in my office and around the world which makes the chaos a little more tolerable. Due to such a fast paced workload (the emails they.just.never.end), at the end of the day I am usually burnt out on all forms of communication. I have struggled to continue doing what I truly love, what my soul craves - writing. 

Central Washington Timothy Hay 2014 Center Pivot

I can not promise beautiful photography, how-tos on cleaning or organizing a home...or well anything really! I do hope to share a bit of life's continuing adventures with our family and friends. Our daughter's hip dysplasia journey (upcoming surgery, casting) will be a new topic for my writing. I have scoured blog after blog looking for tips to prepare us for the hill we will be climbing and hope I can be of some assistance to another family one day facing this same situation.

Pre Surgery Bi Lateral Hip Dysplasia WA Mountain Lake

Happy to have you here~
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